Toller Start in die neue Partnerschaft mit Minnesota – zweiter Teil

von Redakteur

Ein Bericht unserer Kollegen der Coon Rapids High School, Kathryn Jensen und Steven Sebald

Fourteen students and two teachers excitedly arrived on June 10th ready to enhance their language skills while experiencing German culture first hand. After a happy airport reunion with faces now familiar after having shared experiences in Minnesota, the students had a great time seeing their new surroundings and getting to know their families.

On the first day our students shadowed their hosts and some already gave their presentations on American cultural topics to German classes. 

In the afternoon we held the welcome potluck with families, teachers and principals. It was a good time in the Schulgarten and there was lots of good food to be eaten!

The next day was another good day in school and the students did a great job giving their presentations all day.  After school, we competed in a Stadtrallye (scavenger hunt) in the city of Darmstadt. It was fun to see the city, even though it had been raining all morning.  The sun did come out towards the end of the activity and then the students had some time to enjoy the nice afternoon. 

Later on the American students spent 5 days in Berlin learning to navigate the public transportation system while seeing all the sites.

Once reunited with their host students the group enjoyed a day trip to Heidelberg before going separate ways with their host families for the long holiday weekend.

The final week in Darmstadt was spent working on final projects preparing presentations about the GAPP exchange.

The GAPP exchange is a marvelous opportunity to build bridges between individuals, families, communities and our countries that can have lasting impact for generations to come.

Kathryn Jensen & Steven Sebald